12Radio and 12House

I was recently a guest on the Power Peek Hour Radio show which is hosted by Mark Husson (handsome guy below). He is always a delight to chat with. We talked mostly about my relationship with author Louise L. Hay, but it was fun to also reminisce about life in general.

Mark can be heard LIVE on Hay House Radio every Tuesday at hayhouseradio.com at 9:00 am PT.


Wanted to highly recommend his websites to you. 12radio.com is a lot of fun and eclectic. You have astrologers, psychics and mediums as well as on the weekends people who are DJ-ing their favorite music. Do go check them out. Many of them are live call in shows. And….The beauty of internet radio is that you can listen wherever you are on whatever device you have! Plus many shows are archived.

Another cool site is 12house.com which started as an astrology site. You can still get daily/weekly/monthly readings there, but there is so much more. Just want you to know there are resources out there you can use to get through your day. I use them all!


PS You can also sign up at 12house.com to receive Mark’s Power Peek e-zine every week. It’s free!

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  1. I missed this, darn it! Will go over and check it all out. I love listening to you on hayhouse radio too.

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