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MKIADear Miss Know-It-All,

My boss has been going though many highs and lows the past year (more so than normally!). I have accepted the volatile nature of the beast, but the past twelve months have been exceptionally more erratic. I believe that chemical substances are involved and are the primary reason for the mood swings. The mood swings are affecting our relationship as well as my ability to accomplish any level of work. What is my best course of direction—run or stay?

Moody on Melrose

Dear Moody,

This is a trick question with a trick answer. Option A: on the one hand, it appears you want to protect, care for, and yes, actually do your job for your boss. This means that you come to work every day and pretend nothing is going on. Option B: on the other hand, you don’t want to be “the bad guy” who turns your boss over to the authorities for using, but you are genuinely worried about him or her. Should you contact someone? Option C: should you talk to him or her yourself?

You have a number of choices here. Is the solution A, B, or C? The answer: It’s actually all of the above. Have you talked to the boss about your concerns? If you’ve been working for him or her for at least a year, your relationship should be one where you can have a straightforward conversation. If that isn’t your relationship, write back to me and we’ll cover that issue in another column.

Secondly, have you talked to his or her support group: wife, lover, best friend, parent or other relative, or agent? Do any of these people feel the same uneasiness that you do about the situation? They may have been waiting for someone (like you!) to say something. If more than one other person in the main “support” group agrees that there is a problem, you can formulate a plan together to get your employer help.

Next, ask yourself some questions. Take a long, hard look at why you would come to work every day to a volatile environment. Are you a reactionary—allowing life to throw things in your way all day long for you to handle? Or can you grasp the concept of being a powerful creator of this magnificent universe that you live in? If you’re a creator, then how did you get here? Now that, my friend, is the trick question!

Miss Know-It-All

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