Dear MKIA,

I don’t understand the world’s fascination with “celebrities” and their private lives. What’s it like working for a celebrity from their home? I would think it would be weird.MKIA

Not a Peeping Tom

Dear Not,

I don’t get it either. I guess we all want to have what we think “they” have. Working out of the celebrity’s home is easier than in an office, in a way,  because you can come to work in jeans and a shirt and not have to deal with office politics.

That said, you do have to deal with the household staff, the celebrity’s relatives, lovers, pool guy, gardener, assorted construction people, managers, lawyers, over the top fans, etc etc etc.

If you enjoy variety, you will never be bored. As for their private life, you can work for a long time in this business if you can learn to look the other way.

Miss Know it All

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