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Dealing with DivasGet the one book every celebrity assistant needs!

Dealing with Divas: A Survivor’s Kit for the Celebrity Personal Assistant (or Anyone with a Pushy Boss) is the must-have manual for celebrity personal assistants or anyone interested in joining the demanding profession.

Jam-packed with helpful tips, humorous true stories, and thoughtful reflections that will prove indispensable for any service worker, Dealing with Divas is a no-nonsense book about surviving the uproarious and trying role of the celebrity support system.

Seasoned celebrity personal assistant Shelley Anderson delivers her unique L.A.R.K. method for helping assistants and other service personnel navigate a challenging world where the customer, however unreasonable, is always right. She shares tools for not just surviving, but thriving in a hectic, twenty-four-hour work environment with the most demanding bosses.

Dealing with Divas offers up a career-transforming perspective on life as an assistant to the rich and famous. Learn ways to change your thought patterns, focus on getting the job done, and not to take things personally. As an added bonus, the book includes intriguing letters and witty and insightful responses from Anderson’s popular advice column, “Miss Know It All”.

From dealing with opera singers’ sore throats to managing home repairs for superstar writers, Anderson shares many lessons learned during her long, successful, and rewarding career. Anderson was a professional singer and actress for twenty years, and also worked for the president of Capitol-EMI Records, Classical Division. The celebrity personal assistant to self-help author and guru Louise L. Hay for 16 years, Anderson brings her seasoned experience into play in this “survival kit” for anyone working with a diva!

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