Another day in diva land

Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been awol. Usually I am better about keeping up the blog.

So I have a question for everyone out there…do I appear to have magical powers? It must be the perfume I put on today, or, maybe just my deodorant. Lately, I’ve been getting weird requests for the impossible from people. Why?Because I’m…beautiful…charming…available (did I just say that?)…all of the above?

Naw. It’s because I work for a celebrity.

To back track: I’ve written a book. That’s clear. If you’re reading this, you most likely are aware of this. So now suddenly people are asking me to help get them on Oprah or Ellen because they’ve written a book too. Are they serious? Like I have that kind of leverage?


Oh well. It’s fun to pretend for a day that a simple word from me would have everyone I know lining up for their “close up” for Oprah!

Too funny.

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