One more week from today are the Oscars.

ARGO is my pick for Best Picture, and here’s why.

It’s up against LINCOLN which was definitely a fabulous picture. No question LINCOLN will win some awards Sunday – Best Director and Best Actor most likely.

I remember when AVATAR came out a few years ago. It was a force of nature and changed the face of film making as we know it. It was an astounding picture, no question. But….it didn’t win Best Picture that year: HURT LOCKER did.

My point is that I think the Academy members are pretty smart. ARGO has been racking up a trail of awards on it’s way to the Oscars: Best Picture and Director by BAFTA , Golden Globes, Producer’s Guild  and Critics Choice. Ben Affleck was also acknowledged with awards by Directors Guild and SAG gave the entire Ensemble an award.

With 7 Oscar nominations for ARGO, they will pick up a few but I am predicting that Spielberg will win for Best Director but the Best Picture Oscar will go to ARGO.