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Dear Miss Know It All,

When is it appropriate to complain about how one is treated? I recently was asked to set up a photo shoot for the boss at his home. He had an interview with said folks the day before and they decided to come back to just do photos. Everything was handled, as usual, through me. I had been talking to these people for weeks before the interview so we knew each other.
When the crew arrived, I greeted them and asked some questions and had the usual chit chat that happens when these things are being set up. The boss was there and I think felt invisible so he huffed off to his office. I had the crew start setting up and I went upstairs to see when the boss would be coming down for the shoot.
Boss said: “When you are done playing with them, I’ll emerge.” WTH? I wasn’t “playing,” I was doing my job! I of course immediately responded that I was done and the shoot went smoothly.
But…you knew there would be a but...I felt slapped down. Any advice?

Put In My Place

Dear Put,

Oh dear. Unfortunately, the boss wanted all the attention and when you were getting some, it bothered them. That’s just the way it is in this type of working relationship. Does that make you feel any better? Of course not! It’s up to you whether you want to pursue a talk with the boss about this or not. Is is really worth it in the grand scheme of things? Probably not.


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