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Dear Miss Know It All,

I just relocated to Los Angeles. I don’t have any celebrity personal assistant experience but I do have 15 years working in corporate world, especially for high level people. In other words, I have skills!
Any advice on how to get started in the entertainment industry?

New in Town

Dear New,

Welcome to So Cali! Well, you should definitely check out the agencies I list on my blog resources page for a start. Everyone listed there would be happy to get to know you better and see where your strengths lie. Also, nothing’s wrong with checking out the newspaper want ads. Although, with the economy as it has been, companies have been slow to rehire lately.
Best bet is to get your name out there by talking to anyone and everyone you meet, and of course using those many employment agencies to get yourself known. You have a great advantage because you have so many years of experience working in what I assume were high paced environments, ie, you have worked for the heads of companies. Celebrities really prefer people with a lot of background. You have a far better chance to land a job than a 21 year old!
It only takes ONE job – even entry level – to start to make contacts. That’s the key. Networking is everything. Good luck to you!


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  1. Do people ever email you for advice? They should! You really do a good job. I am always on the lookout foryour Miss Know It All Blogs.

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