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Dear Miss Know It All,

I’m so tired of being out of work! I never seem to stay in my jobs for very long. What can I do in the interview process to get a job and keep it?

Looking for Work in LaLa Land

Dear Looking,

When you go to an interview, what’s your attitude or preconceived notion about the employer (or yourself)? Often we get sucked into everyone else’s idea of the industry and jobs. Don’t listen when friends tell you stuff like: all celebrities are ego- maniacs; all directors and producers abuse people; you’ll work an 80+ hour week and the pay is lousy; you don’t have enough work experience; no one will care about you and your needs. Believe when I tell you that the celebrity I currently work for doesn’t fit any of those molds. They do exist – honest!

Before you ever get to the interview, you need to be clear about what you want. Nothing is more important than your needs. When you get into the interview, come from the place of inter-viewing the employer. What are they going to do for you? I think it’s only natural that personal assistants to celebrities want to be perceived as being caring, nurturing, kick-ass efficient confidantes that the celebrity can’t live without. All true. The part we as assistants seem to forget from time to time is that the most important person in the entertainment industry isn’t your employer – it’s you. Whoa. That’s a revolutionary concept.

Post this on your refrigerator, in your car, on the bathroom mirror: The most important person in the entertainment industry is me. Take that attitude into your next interview and see what happens!

Miss Know it All


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  1. Shelley, I want to thank you for continuing to blog about relevant issues. Esp. right now about jobs. Thank you.

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