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Dear MKIA,

Usually I read your column and nod in silent agreement with the questions and the answers. Usually the questions are about real life events that touch close to home — mainly my home away from home — my job.
So today I find myself in a strange position. I am writing to say I actually have been of late getting along with my boss really well. This is leaving me a bit unsettled. I guess my question is this: will the magic last?

Happy in Hollywood

Dear Happy,

You know the magic won’t last. Life is about ying and yang, sweet and sour, hot and cold. You get the picture. How else would you know how fantastic chocolate tasted if all you had to eat was sand? Enjoy the moments while you can. This will end. But here’s the good news. you have a choice. When the time comes for a dust up (and it will come), take a moment to breath and ask yourself: is it worth it to get in a snit? Before you lash out, ask yourself: am I being kind? Would it really matter if I put up a fight? Now that doesn’t mean you are to allow yourself to be trampled repeatedly. The fact that things are good now leads me to believe that trampling rarely occurs anyway. Enjoy the ride, and you might even venture out and say thank you to your boss if it is warranted. Door of gratitude swings both ways.


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