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Dear Miss Know It All,

I want to go from working full time to working part time, but I love my job. How can I get my boss to let me change my hours? The good news is that I have a significant other that brings in a good income, so making this switch won’t hurt my pocketbook too much. And I have been at my job for over 10 years. I feel like I have a good chance of asking and getting what I want. I guess I’m just nervous about asking.

Missy Independent
Dear Missy,

I think you already know that the answer will probably be yes, but fear is holding you back. I say go for it because you’ve been with the same employer for such a long period of time. You’ve built up a trust and unless there is past history to block what you want with this person, I say do it. The key is to tell the boss how this is going to still support him/her. If you’re the primary assistant, then tell them by cutting your hours in half, they can hire a second assistant for a lot less. The reason being that you have 10 years experience, so it would make sense to have a part time person come in for part time wages.
The only danger in this arrangement is that you may not like how the other person handles things and you will truly have to become a team player in order to have this work out for everyone involved. It can be done, but I’m just warning you that it will be different from what you’ve done before, which is, run the ship.


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