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Dear Miss Know It All,

Keeping with what will probably be a “Valentine’s” theme for this month, what are your thoughts on “being in love with the boss.” Good? Bad?

Moral Dilemma

Dear Moral,

Oh my. Where to start. Do you really want me to answer this? I guess, if the boss is single and so are you, it’s a non-issue. UNLESS your work place doesn’t allow it. And many do  discourage that.
If either one of you is married, it’s just not a good place for either of you to be. Of course you already knew I was going to say that. What you might be surprised to hear is that I am all for people being themselves! No sneaking around! So if this is really a serious relationship, then I suggest you sit down like adults and have a serious discussion about where you are headed.
Consider all the options: are there  spouses, children and/or others that will be affected by your actions? Of course there are! So make a game plan TOGETHER. Making a plan on your own means the other person is probably not as “into you” as you may think.
If this is one sided, and only wishful thinking, you need to re-think it all. Actually, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing work with pleasure, but if this is all in your head, then what’s the point? Be the smart person I know you can be. Talk it out with the other person, not with an advice columnist!



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