Miss Know It All

Dear Miss Know-It-All,

            I know people write you because they’re unhappy with their jobs, but I actually like mine! My real question is, why don’t I have enough time to write that novel? It seems by the time I’m done with work, it’s all I can do to eat some dinner and go to bed.

            Crunched for Time

Dear Crunched,

            First of all, congratulations on enjoying your job. I like mine too! My guess is, because you like what you’re doing, you gladly put in long hours or go the extra mile for your boss. It appears you don’t have time for anything else but that’s just an illusion—honest. Here’s the real question to ask yourself: am I as passionate about writing that novel as I am about my day job? It’s my experience that people with a passion about something find time to make it a part of their lives. So, are you willing to get up an hour early every day and sit in front of the computer, typewriter, or just a paper and pencil and write something?

            For people with a passion, their passion is often their way of Relaxing. The L.A.R.K. method uses relaxation as a needed break to nourish your body, mind, and soul. If writing is your passionate relaxation, you’ll feel inspired to work on your novel and it won’t feel like work at all.

            Years ago, I worked for the president of a major company. In his spare time, he’d written a highly successful novel, so he continued to get up at 5:00 a.m. every day without fail to write something on that paper before coming into work. Writing was his passion. Try this and let me know how things turn out for you.

            Say every day: There is plenty of time to get it done.

            Miss Know-It-All

Reclaim Who You Are

  I like to think that my purpose in this lifetime is to act as a divine conduit to help you reveal what your heart already knows.
What does your heart already know?  It knows that you and all of us are divine magnificent beings. Some
 may be thinking – my life is a mess – or this one area of my life is a challenge – so how can I know, believe, trust, or even just hope that I am magnificent right now?

Others of you may be thinking, my life is great!  There is nothing to “fix”.  I have it all – money, relationships, health, a job I love – whatever.  So why do I need to be reading this?
Let me say to both sides, there isn’t anything to fix – even if  you have a health issue or challenges with prosperity or your family or self esteem.  There isn’t anything to fix. 

     What there is, is a need to remember.  Do you see the difference?  We don’t need to keep patching things up.  We need to be remembering.  Take a moment to let your mind be still of all the chatter and allow yourself to remember that you are whole and perfect right now.  Not whole and perfect once you make the money, get the job, find the lover, cure the illness.  We don’t need to fix health issues.  We need to remember complete health. To remember we are not at battle with ourselves. 

How do we begin to reclaim who we really are? By choosing our thoughts and words with care.  Not be choosing words like  the “war on drugs”, “fighting to survive from paycheck to paycheck”, “losing the battle with the latest diet” – notice the words we use?  Author Louise Hay said many years ago that we need to stop scaring ourselves with our words.  How true!  Have you listened to yourself lately?        

And what about the rest of you who have it all together?  Life is good!  You don’t need to fight any battles – you’ve won them. Is your life 100% magnificent? Are you doing everything your heart desires? If you can truly answer yes, that’s great, and I say to you, do more.   How big in your life are you willing to be of service? Community or global service?  Are you being kind and of service to every single person you meet?  From the train or subway conductor to the locksmith repairing your front door bell to the fast food clerk to your spouse, kids, family or close friends.  

Or are you being selective?  Are you willing to have your life be so magnificent that when someone admires your new couch you respond, oh thanks, I bought that with the money given to me for…  [ fill in the blank ]… ending hunger, building houses for the poor, delivering food to the homeless,  caring for a sick family member.

What comes around goes around…that’s my way of saying that it’s the law of the Universe…what you give out truly comes back to you tenfold. So practice random acts of kindness and start living!