I give examples in my book of how to change your thinking. Here’s one:

Old Thought: The celebrity is always right.

If your boss has ten lousy qualities (in your humble opinion) and one wonderful quality, choose that one that is fantastic to focus upon. If they have ten great traits, and one that drives you crazy, don’t focus on the one that drives you crazy. I know this is easier said than done. Of course, if this behavior trait appears to involve something such as illegal drug use, I assume you’ll get help handling that. Be smart! No job is worth being arrested for abetting someone. Although I know we walk a fine line, celebrity personal assistants work in a unique environment where money and temptations run high. If you are not in a situation where your life or the lives of people you work with are in danger, or illegal activities are taking place, my guess is that your day-to-day routine with your employer is not super-dramatic. However, I can guarantee that she has personality traits that can drive you up a wall. I knew a celebrity who had a bird that flew around the house and home office unattended to. The bird was trained to leave a prize in the office wastebasket on a regular basis. All this was so the employer could use the bird’s shit for his organic garden. What a lovely office environment that must’ve been!

New Thought: I won’t rehash the past, or place blame, resentment, anger, or guilt on my employer for past abuses. Instead, today I focus on the one aspect of this person’s personality that I like and think of that when I’m working for them.