Car Repairs

I really hate having to take the boss’s car in for service. I know, it’s not a difficult thing to have to do. You drive it in to the shop, wait or get a loaner car, come back and pick it up when it’s ready. What’s the big deal?

I don’t know. Just hate it. My “real” job consists of managing a couple of websites and running a charitable foundation, as well as the personal finances for her two homes. I love those aspects of my job. Going to the car shop, not so much.Had an unexpected trip the other day when I got to work and the Lexus hybrid had a dead battery. Not all AAA tow trucks have those types of batteries with them, so once I had the car jumped I had to drive it to the Lexus dealer to have a new battery installed. Of course, I didn’t have an appointment so they didn’t have a loaner. But I got them to take me back to the office via shuttle.

The next day I had a personal emergency to deal with so dear boss went to the Lexus dealer’s with a friend and picked up her car. Nice gesture.

However….there is always a shoe that drops – ha! After the car is back home, she tells me that the left rear window isn’t closing properly. I said, did you tell the service people that when you were there. Um, no.

So guess where I am going next week? Yep, back to Lexus.

Shouldn’t complain. They’ve got free donuts.

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