Celebrity Apprentice Divas?

Are you following Celebrity Apprentice on NBC on Sunday nights? Meet cast here.

Who do you think:

1) will win

2) be biggest diva

3) be the biggest cry baby

4) wild card?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Here are my votes:

1) Penn Jillette and Dee Snider seem like very tough cookies. So is Teresa Gudice.

2) I’m thinking our #1 Diva will be Victoria Gotti but who knows. Debbie Gibson could be a tiger under all that pink.

3) Has to be Sulu, er …. I mean George Takei. Have you seen any of the interviews leading up to this show? He seems to have a big chip on his shoulder.

4) Wild card always makes me think of Clay Aiken. Remember he surprised everyone on that other little reality TV show many years ago. Keep an eye on this fellow!

5 Replies to “Celebrity Apprentice Divas?”

  1. That was fun to watch last night. I’d never seen the show before. The boardroom sure went on for a ling time though. I never heard of Patricia before. She seemed really sad about her charity losing. Poor Cheryl. She hasn’t aged gracefully. Too much plastic surgery. Sorry! But that’s how I feel, I like that they have people’s thoughts being heard. Clay AIken not liking Honey Badgers cracked me up. No favorites yet. I’ll keep watching.

  2. I watched the first show, I didn’t; think I would like it but I got hooked. I guess for me it was fun having all these famous people who might otherwise not ever be in the same room together (Paul the Chooper and Miss Universe? Or Clay Aiken with George Takei? I know they are both gay but I just can’t imagine them ever hanging out together.). I forgot that reality shows have people’s thoughts talk over the action so that was actually cool. Saw the promos for the next show – Dee Snider in drag for a medieval show looks like such fun! I will keep watching for sure.

  3. Well this has been fun to watch. But didn’t like that HAIR (Trump) fired 2 people last night. Clay Aiken is becoming more interesting to watch each episode. My favorite so far is actually Aubrey.

  4. Oh my! Have you watched the last episode? Clay Aiken was on fire! Who knew? I’ve always liked Penn but not so sure now. He seemed like such an ass. The women’s team is a train wreck. I guess that makes for good tv, I find the men are more together as far as working as a team – well except for last week. hahaha

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