Christmas in New York

Hi everyone! Back from my whirlwind trip to New York with my daughter!

First, we had to GET there. Of course we got caught in the weather storm that hit the northwest – northeast on Friday Dec. 19th and our flight was canceled. Not to be deterred, we found a direct flight to New York on a red eye that left Las Vegas that night – sooooo we had to get ourselves to Las Vegas from San Diego first! Which we did.

Once the red eye left (at 2 am not midnight) we knew we would be seeing NYC soon. Whew.

And boy did we!JFK Airport was COVERED with snow – arriving on a Saturday at 10 am was a Godsend, however, because traffic to Times Square was non existent. We were prepared to crash for a few hours but the weather was suppose to be worse the next day, so we walked a few miles to Central Park instead. It was soooo worth the freezing cold to do that. Wow. The Park looked amazing with untouched, freshly fallen snow everywhere.

We walked back via Fifth Avenue stopping in shops to warm up (and shop!). We saw the Apple store, Tiffany’s and many other shops along the way, and the Rockefeller Tree!

We saw four Broadway shows in three days! Also, visited top of 30 Rock where you have a 360 degree look at Manhattan, checked out Macy’s (too crowded!!), Mood (fabric store from Project Runway – we bought material!!),Virgin Records, International Center of Photography and the Guggenheim (both amazing), and managed to visit Brooklyn and have lunch with friends along the way too.

Got back late Tuesday night, just in time to snuggle for Christmas Eve and Day in our own beds.

What a trip!

Pictures not uploaded yet on computer but will post some of the snow (and John Lennon’s Strawberry Fields).

Didn’t think about the boss once – 🙂

PS  Came home to welcome rain – we need it!

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