Critics Choice Awards – Results

Critics Choice Awards were tonight. My thoughts:

Critics are important. It’s a free country and everyone has a right to their opinion. That said, when were critics so powerful that their reviews can make or break a movie? Well that time isn’t now. It was in the past, when we all hung on every word of a review written by Rex Reed or Pauline Kael. We respected their thoughts. Today I take into account the integrity of the writer. Over time you can get a sense of where they are coming from and whether they just like to hear their own voices or they actually love the movies (or whatever they are writing about) and can write an intelligent review.

So even though we poke and prod the critics, sometimes they really do know what they are doing. Tonight: ARGO won for Best Picture! And Ben Affleck for Director – two things you won’t see at the Oscars next month. Bravo to the Critics for getting it right! Don’t get me wrong, I love LINCOLN but nice to see ARGO get the props they deserve.

Bravo too for SKYFALL getting a number of awards. And of course we all knew Daniel Day-Lewis would win for LINCOLN. Duh.

List of winners.



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