D is for DIVA!

Whenever I stumble across Diva websites and I’m between newsletters (My FREE e-zine, DIVA NEWS, comes out usually the first of each month), I still like to post abut them for you here.

These are particularly sweet sites this month:

Diva Boutique is located in Virginia and is a cute site to check out. The store is named after owner Cindy McCartney’s dog! Love it! Consignment shop exists for real but has a website too with lots of kudos posted. If you live in Washington DC, this is a stones throw away from you.

Do you live in Ohio? The Dancing Divas fundraiser for the Big Brothers Big Sisters will be held on July 23, 2011 in Zanesville,  and Dancing Divas have paired up with local celebrities to do a “Dancing with the Stars” type event to raise funds. Sounds like a blast.

I’m personally not into duck hunting (or ANY hunting) but the Delta Divas are and this is a fascinating story about 20 women all dressed up for the outdoors.


If you have any Diva news you’d like me to share, shoot me (ugh: bad choice of words) an email at dealingwithdivas@gmail.com.

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