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I’ve had reviews in the past of my book – maybe I will post them all sometime in a DIVA NEWS e-zine? Anyway, Zelda del West from wrote this recently for that website:

Maybe you work as an assistant to a big shot of some sort. Or maybe
you just have a difficult boss. Perhaps you work in the service
industry, or have a critical in-law, or a bridezilla best friend.
Let’s face it: most of us have someone in our lives that for one
reason or other we aren’t going to get rid of, and we don’t have the
option of changing. For these relationships Shelley Anderson’s “LARK”
method might just help you or someone you know retain sanity, keep a
relationship intact, or just keep a demanding job. “LARK” (listen,
ask, relax, keep going and kindness) is Shelley Anderson’s attitudinal
prescription for dealing with the difficult people in your life.

Shelley Anderson knows a thing or two about Divas. She’s worked as an
executive assistant to a booking agent, a film producer, a repertory
theatre manager, and a president of a major record label and she’s
currently a personal assistant to author Louise L. Hay. So, when it
comes to understanding how to keep happy a demanding boss whose needs
are constantly changing, her advice is well founded.

She understands the basic truth of human relationships: you can’t really change
another person, but you can certainly control your own way of
thinking. There’s a lot of wisdom in “Dealing With Divas,” and it’s so
concise and easy to read that even the most harried underling will
find it accessible. Shelley Anderson’s attitude is inspiring and her
good humor, a great gift.

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  1. Hi Shelley
    Please post your reviews! Either here or in your diva news.
    Think they would be fun to read.

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