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Dear Miss Know It All,

Why don’t you write about the day to day life of  author Louise Hay? I don’t care about the letters you answer here.


Dear D.S.,

Oh my. Well the “letters” are from real  celebrity personal assistants asking for advice. But since you asked, here’s a peek into the real rundown on Miss Hay’s schedule:

Mornings usually start with mediation, yoga and/or pilates, then a green drink topped off with reading fan mail, doing radio and magazine interviews (we just did one for someone in Slovenia!). Lunch can be with friends or visiting authors, maybe a stroll in San Diego’s Balboa Park, with the afternoon filled with writing her latest book or skypeing with collaborators, calls to her corporate office, picking out new carpets for her home, buying  plants for her vegetable garden, and/or approving grants given by her Foundation. This is when she is home and isn’t traveling to speak some- where!