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Dear MKIA,

l am not sure if you can even help me with my frustration at work but here it goes! My boss recently had a routine teeth cleaning scheduled with her longtime dentist. Unbeknownst to me, she had also scheduled on her own a follow up meeting with her dentist to talk about prior dental work and the future. I got a call the day of the appointment to say the doctor wouldn’t be there, however, the dental tech who was ready to do the cleaning was, so I kept the schedule as it was and didn’t say anything, thinking it wasn’t important. Well, you know what happened next, of course. Boss lady gets there, finds out the change while sitting in the dental chair, and gets up and leaves, refusing to have her teeth cleaned. I get ripped later at the office when she returns for not telling her the doctor wouldn’t be there.
This kind of stuff happens all the time and it just frustrates me and makes me question why I still come to work every day. Help!

Am I Too Sensitive

Dear Am I,

We all react to change differently. Are you too sensitive? Maybe. Busy people such as your boss often don’t react well to a scheduling change so although you or I probably would’ve stayed to do the teeth cleaning and come back later for the consult with the doctor, it looks like all your employer saw was a mess up in her routine.
The best way to avoid this type of issue is to make sure you stay in constant communication with the boss, even if it’s inconvenient for you.
Keep coming to work! You know you want to! This is too small an incident to walk away.


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