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Dear MKIA,

I have a logistical question. My office space is so doggone small! It used to be a storage closet, I’m sure of it. Okay, it probably wasn’t but I can barely fit my desk and a bookshelf in there and forget adding an extra chair. We moved from a big home to a high rise and that’s when I lost my big, beautiful roomy office to this.

Anything I can do to make this a happy location for me to work in? Thanks.

Cramped and Crabby

Dear Cramped,

Have you ever thought of hiring a professional organizer? They even have a website: There are many different types of organizers so search around for who is in your area. The reason I mention this is that you can approach your boss with your dilemma and make HIM pay for a pro to come in and look at what needs to be done. That would mean the changes being suggested not by you but the pro. Also, this happened to me years ago. I actually had to take the door to the room off so I had the feeling of more space. The extra chair did fit in but barely! Still, it was a start and I was grateful to have a job and my own office.

Let me know of this works.


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