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Dear Miss Know It All,

I was recently hanging out with a bunch of personal assistants and we were discussing the unique qualities one has to have to survive working in the environment that we work in. The most interesting trait we all dis- covered we have in common is the ability to multi task. But not just the usual “doing more than one thing at once”, but more, doing a lot of different things at once even if we don’t know how to do them. Does that make sense to you?

Hanging in Hollywood
Dear Hanging,

But of course! We are usually asked to conduct ourselves as office professionals even though we work (for the most part) in the home and yet we are presented with a wide array of situations to solve.
It’s hard to explain our jobs to others because of this! On any given day, you could be setting up an in-home photo shoot and interview session for your boss, but at the same time trying to figure out why the $25,000 music surround sound system isn’t working (and needs to be working by the time the above session is happening), ordering specialized pet food for the family menagerie, working with Fed Ex to send some important docs somewhere stat, and then discovering that the kitchen flooded overnight due to a faucet drip going undetected.

As crazy as that sounds, I wouldn’t trade any  of it for —gasp — a real job!


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