Dear Miss Know It All

Dear Miss Know It All,MKIA

Do you have any advice or tips for living would be helpful to me right now? Anything you suggest to get me moving in the right direction away from the negativity I work around every day (working with grumpy people) would be much appreciated.


Dear Lost,

Believe it or not, I think these tips below from Kermit the Frog are actually really helpful. He may not be the messenger you were expecting, but I think he is quite wise:

Be agreeable.
Be firm, but flexible.
Show your true feelings.
Don’t make yourself a target.
Be relentlessly upbeat.
Embrace other points of view.
Tap into your inner best self.
Give gifts.

My favorite line above is “be relentlessly upbeat” because it is probably the one thing many of us forget to do. Or another way to say it is: “Smile and they will all wonder what you are up to!”


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