Dear Miss Know It All

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Dear Miss Know It All,

I work in someone’s home. I take care of them and their estate actually and it’s really a beautiful place to work. My office looks out on an amazing garden, and the people I work for are really pretty nice. That said….I hate to smell their cooking! Would it be wrong to say something about it?
Because we are in the hills, going out on my lunch break rarely happens so I eat at my desk. They make really spicy food and also a lot of fish, which in particular I just have an aversion to these aromas.
Now what?

Caught in Calabasas

Dear Caught,

Can you close your door to your office? Do you have a window that can be opened? That seems the easiest fix here. I know food odors can linger in a home for days but maybe do that during the worst of it, and for sure, get some incense you like and burn it.

Once the boss smells incense and sees your door is closed, that will probably open up a conversation about what is bothering you. Not sure there is a long term solution for this since it’s your work environment, unless your office can be moved, but it’s worth a try.


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