Diva Jobs now online

My friends at The Grapevine Agency in Los Angeles have decided to post their job openings on line. Most industry jobs are kept secret! You have to know someobody who knows somebody to get tot talk to someobody who might know about a job. Just kidding. But this is still pretty cool. Here’s the press release:

We are excited to announce that from now on all of our job lists will be posted on our website (www.TheGrapevineAgency.com).   All you need to do now is go to our website and click on BLOG for the most up to date job postings.  We will be posting both our corporate list as well as our domestic list and we will be updating them both regularly.   We decided to create this blog as a forum for all of our Grapevine fans. We will be discussing hot topics regarding the job market as well as offering many tips and advice on how to find and land that perfect job.  We will also let you know about upcoming Grapevine events as well as new divisions that we are launching.  Feel free to pass this along to your friends who have been asking you to forward our lists.  If you have any suggestions about things you would like to see on our blog, please let us know.  This is for you guys so we hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

*Become a fan of our Facebook page (The Grapevine Agency) for immediate updates and you can now follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/GrapevineGal.

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