Diva Night! Oops, I mean Oscars Night!

It’s finally here! 83rd Annual Academy Awards are tonight 8 PM EST on CBS.

Got any favorites? Red carpet is always interesting.

I actually attended the Oscars back in the late 70s. Long story but my tickets were handed off to me the day before the show under an overpass in the Valley in La La land. They are NEVER mailed to people. Too risky for scalping reasons.

I’m posting this interesting picture of the Oscar statue. I like all of them lined up waiting to be handed out.

4 Replies to “Diva Night! Oops, I mean Oscars Night!”

  1. Well I’m not into the red carpet but there are plenty of shows on before and after for days about it all. More interested in the movies themselves. I think Annette Bening was incredible in KIDS but of course she won’t win. Isn’t this like her 4th nom?

  2. I love it all. It’s a spectacle! Love the red carpet with the fans screaming and the outfits. It’s major hype but who cares. I guess I’m easily entertained. Give us your commetns tomorrow Shell on it all.

  3. Just found your site through a friend. Fun to read through esp the miss know it all stuff. Funny! I guess I need to buy your book now – haha.
    Oscars? Meh, they’re ok. My generation isn’t really into the movies as much as I guess we should be. Big on youtube, hulu and gaming. Of course I did see Twilight and I liked Toyr Story so I may watch for a little bit tonight.

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