Diva Showdown

Received an interesting email the other day, I thought I would share: cyndi

“Cyndi Lauper Said No” is a song by a Canadian artist named James Collins. His song is about being turned down for an autograph.  I am not sure whether or not you are familiar with this story yet, but I thought it might make for an interesting poll or debate in your newsletter or tweets.

Who is the bigger Diva?  Cyndi for saying no or James for being offended enough to write, produce and release a song about the incident? In my view, they are both being Divas!

I agree. What a jerk to write that song!

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  1. Shelley, did you actually listen to Cyndi Lauper Said No?

    The song is about a fan asking for a picture (not an autograph – as you state in your blog) with Lauper after she performed on a Rosie O’Donnel R Family Cruise.

    I have listened to this clever little song countless times on my iPod.
    I have to ask you though, why does Collins’ artistic expression classify him, as you state, as a jerk?

    Being a performer on cruise ships myself, you might like to know that it’s a major no-no to be rude to tourists/fans. We could easily be fired for doing what Lauper did.
    For crying out loud, Lauper refused to take a pic with a fan on cruise ship that preaches acceptance….after she took a picture with someone else…… A ROSIE O’DONNELL R FAMILY CRUISE!!!!

    I think it’s great that Collins took what was obviously a painful experience and turned it into an upbeat, positvie one.

    Shelley, Collins didn’t even stoop to name calling in Cyndi Lauper Said No. In fact, Collins say’s some nice things about Lauper in the lyric. After all, It’s taken from a true fan’s perspective.

    If Collins is a “jerk” for writing the song, does this mean The Barenaked Ladies are jerks for writing about Brian Wilson’s mental state in “Brian Wilson” and does this make Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon jerks for writing “Bette Davis Eyes.”

    Isn’t it all artistic expression?
    One would think, being an artist yourself, you’d be a little more open minded or understanding.

    Even Lauper has a sense of humour about “Cyndi Lauper Said No” – she like the song.
    As do many of her fans. Me, included.

    Now who’s the jerk?

  2. Point well taken Davie. I said in the post that I thought they were both divas but you’re right. The word jerk needs to be reserved for someone more polarizing like Rush Limbaugh.

    BTW Love your screen name: are your eyes really blue?

  3. Shelley! I’m really intrigued by your book “Dealing With Divas.”

    Is there some honest to goodness, no holds barred dirt in the book? If so, I’m very interested in reading it. Some celebrities are just too polite about other celebrities, in the press. And some Divas just need to be told.

    Have you caught yourself in a few Diva moments?

    Your career resume is fascinating to me.

    Thanks for responding and allowing me to voice my opinion.
    PS: yes, my eyes are very blue. Some people comment on them, from time to time.
    Did you give Cyndi Lauper Said No another listen? It really is a well written song.

  4. Hi David!

    It’s not a secrets spilled book — sorry. It was written after years of working with other personal assistants who wanted to stay in the business but didn’t know how to do it without slitting their wrists each day. So its a how to book for us. And my methods WORK! We all sign confidentiality agreements so we CANT spill the beans unless we want to move to Siberia. And we all have plenty of stories to tell that’s for sure.

    As for letting people have it and tell it like it is, I AM ALL FOR IT!

    Thank you for finding my resume fascinating. That made me chuckle. It has been a wild ride.

    I finally listened to the song. It’s good. A reader egged me on to post it on the blog and so I did. I’m actually a big fan of Cyndi’s.

  5. I just stumbled upon your website while searching for information on Cyndi Lauper Said No.
    Cool song, cool website.
    I’m a big fan of Cyndi’s and now I’m a big fan of the song.
    I would be crushed if she refused a picture or an autograph with me.
    Shelley, would you refuse a pic with one of your admirers at a book signing?
    I guess that would be equivalent to Cyndi refusing a pic after a concert, no?
    Love your website. Love your book title too.

  6. Thanks Blake!
    I suggest you look around the site. the best sections are MYSTERY BLOGGERS and MISS KNOW IT ALL.
    Welcome to my world!

    PS I am on FB and twitter also.

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