Diva Websites!

I post diva sites when I find them. These are cool. Check them out!

Deal Hunting Divas  – They post a variety of coupons which you can print out right from your computer. This week it’s a Smurfs game, Legos, Pepsi, Colgate toothpaste, Vitamins and more.

The Green Divas Are you into sustainable living? These are your gals. They have a website AND a radio show. Latest blog was called “Sleeping naked is green.”

The Dragon Divas How would you like to participate in rowing a boat in competition and all in the name of supporting early detection of breast cancer? These are an inspiring group of ladies, all of whom at cancer survivors.



2 Replies to “Diva Websites!”

  1. love your blog! thanks for giving us green divas a shout out – i hope you know that we use the name as a fun endearing term – we are actually the opposite and are all about LOW-
    STRESS green and healthy living. hope our staff and assitants never feel that they need your book, but i do hope to read it one of these days anyway! 😉 gd meg

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