Divo Slayer!

Happy Birthday to Kathryn Bigelow!

Not sure you know who she is? I call her the “Divo Slayer!”

Kathryn used to be married to Director James Cameron. Yep, good old ‘Titanic” and ‘Avatar’ Cameron. He is known in Hollywood for being a major control freak and divo. I’ve lost count of the ex-wives.

Kathryn was an aspiring director when they were together, and eventually went on to direct the movie, “The Hurt Locker.” As fate would have it, after she divorced Cameron. she  was actually nominated last year for an Oscar as Director and the movie was even nominated for Best Picture. Who better to be nominated against her but “Avatar” ex-hubby Cameron.

Guess who won (for Director)?

Yep, Kathryn is a Divo Slayer. Way to go girl. Have a great birthday.

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