Do You Know How To Relax?

I assume you read my blog because you’re already in the personal assistant work force or work in a high level capacity for high powered individuals. I know what that environment can be like! On one hand, we often get perks for working the long hours (perhaps even nights and weekends) and those free cell phones, swag, after parties, meeting other celebrities…are what keeps us coming back day after day. On the other hand, we are stressed out!!

I surmise that taking time to relax is something many of us rarely take time to do. NOTE: I don’t count drinking  heavily after work as a relaxation technique. Sorry.

Since summer is upon us, I thought it would be good to talk about ways to stop and smell the surf and sand. (Does that sound right?)


 1.  Take a few minutes at least once a week to drive to the local beach, and put your feet in the sand; or better yet, in the water. Yes, I know I live on the left coast so this may not be doable where you live. Improvise!

2.   Get up 15 minutes early in the morning and take a walk in your local neighborhood. It is cheaper than going to the local gym that you never actually go to. Of course,  if you really are paying for a gym membership, it goes without saying: USE IT!

3. Turn off your smart phone, lap top, landline (do people still use those?), the TV and: READ A BOOK. Or do a crossword puzzle. If you can’t handle not being plugged in for too long, set a timer. 🙂

4. Go to lunch or dinner. No really, I mean it; don’t eat at your desk or in your car. Actually make a date with someone. Human contact not directly involved with work would be good. if that’s not possible, go to eat with someone anyway. Baby steps.

5. If you have the guts, here’s my final recommendation: Take — GASP — TIME OFF!  Actually take a few days off from work and make sure you’re gone far enough away that it would take at least 12 hours for you to get back in town — that’s just far enough away for you to feel you can actually exhale.

Oh that’s a good one!! EXHALE! Taking a  moment during your day to take a deep breath and to slow exhale (3 times in a row) does wonders for your mental and physical health. Ahh.


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