emmys-2010-225 Okay Primetime EMMY nominations came in today.

Here are my thoughts:

Are these the only shows on TV?

American Horror Story

Breaking Bad        Downton Abby          Game of Thrones          Girls     Homeland    House of Cards         Mad Men

Modern Family …         and the now cancelled 30 Rock and The Office

So these are the shows that got the most nominations. Over and over and over

again. Same old, same old.

Bright spots: The Tonys received writing nods, which they should. Anthony Bourdain’s new show got quite a few nods which was a pleasant surprise.  Colbert and Daily Show of course were nominated. It would be nice to see a tie there.

Odd: I find it a sad commentary of TV these days that the “Variety Show” category is made up mostly of award shows. Really? We need to bring back the variety format folks!  Special Class included the Super Bowl halftime. I guess that’s what the TV folks think is entertainment? No offense to Beyonce intended.

Confused: I know many hated The Newsroom on HBO (at least Jeff Daniels got a nod) but to not nominate Aaron Sorkin for writing (unless I missed it) is a travesty in  my opinion.


The Emmys will air on September 22nd at 8:00 PM on CBS.


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  1. How could Arron Sorkin not get nominated! Wow. Very surprised by that. These all look like the usual people, but people like their favorites: Bryan Cranston, Peter Dinkle (or whatever his name is),

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