Falling in Love with the Seasons

September 22nd is the beginning of the Fall equinox. You may be lucky enough to live in a place where the leaves start to change into beautiful colors, and the weather cools down. Out come our sweaters, mittens, hats and maybe snow plows!

I live in So Calif so none of that will be happening! But I still love this season and the Winter solstice that follows and ushers in Christmas and Passover among other holidays.

However,  not everyone loves change. This is true not just for our weather and holidays.  In our daily lives change can be scary. Perhaps change means you will have to clean up the mess!  If you work in a fast paced job, change is part of the program, so you need to “buckle up buttercup” if you are to survive, or you can quit and go do something else.  We always have a choice. Always.

Think about the seasons this way: each one is an opportunity to reevaluate where we are. Bears hibernate during the winter. Maybe that’s a time for us to also go within and make an honest assessment of what is making us happy, anxious, bored, greedy, grateful?  Springtime emerges as the flowers pop up and the message of renewal brings us hope. Are you hopeful?

Summer is giving ourselves permission to play!! It’s sunny, people take family or solo vacations, life is full of joy! Are you joyful? Why not? What’s next then?

My affirmation: I embrace each season and  no matter what the reality may be, I choose to love where I am right now.

Give it a try!

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