Feel It and Let It Go

In the work environment we are told we must keep our feelings in check and be as professional as possible. There is a time and place for that type of decorum, but I am of the mind that showing emotion is important! I talk about this in my book, and was reminded recently that having feelings is a plus. We are not machines. We do have feelings and as long as we don’t try to manipulate others with those feelings, I think they can be a very valuable resource.

What do I mean by manipulation? Well, have you watched any reality TV?! Those shows are all about DRAMA! And drama queens! We watch week after week to find out who is backstabbing whom and why they feel justified. Whether it’s a celebrity having a melt down or the latest bachelor making bad choices, we puff ourselves up and say: “Thank God my life is nothing like those people!”
Someone once said to me the difference between a convicted felon and most people is that most don’t act on their emotions or anger.We are humans. We do feel. Anger is good!Acting irresponsibly is not. Actress Sally Field said once that the only way she could ever motive herself to get up and do something was when it had finally gotten to the point of being too angry to just sit there. Too often we let ourselves get bottled up until finally the volcano has to erupt.
My advice is this: it’s really okay to let people know how you feel, even in the workplace. And then…here’s the tricky part…let it go. Feel it. Express it. Let it go. It has no power over you. Try this and let me know how it went! You can email me at: dealingwithdivas@gmail.com

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