ornate_d_24371_smI  compiled a few more diva web sites for you to peruse. Enjoy!

The Fire Divas are bead artists. I thought that meant they just made bracelets and such, but these ladies are extremely talented flameworkers who make
works of art (and bracelets too!).

Not sure how to describe the next diva site? Just go check it out:  The
Altered Divas.

In late August, the Mexican movie Casi Divas was released in the USA. The film centers around four women auditioning for a movie. With acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer onboard, it sounds like a winner. If it ends up being nominated for an Oscar, you heard about it here first!

Alaska actually has other divas in residence besides Gov. Sarah Palin!
Check out this handy and informative article about the Coupon Divas.