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Just another little report from my perch as a celebrity personal assistant…….

Recently my guy (I would never call him that to his face!)…my celebrity was preparing to do a radio interview.  I actually didn’t have to go to the radio interview with him but was going to meet up with him later, so a close buddy went with him instead. This interview was part of a publicity tour so there were lots of interviews and interaction with fans because of a recent movie release. This radio stop was one of many in that particular city that day.
A couple of hours before the interview I received a panicked call from the radio producer: “He won’t do the interview because it’s being video taped!” She was worried because the station had heavily promoted the interview and now she didn’t think it was going to happen. I had to talk the producer down off the wall, and told her the star would be there and I would call her back if that wasn’t the case, but that I knew he would follow through.

Then I called the buddy – calling the celebrity directly would’ve not been a wise move on my part. If I’ve learned nothing else in all these years of doing this, I’ve learned how to dance around the celebrity to find out the whole scoop before approaching the star. Have all the facts straight!

The buddy said that all was fine. There’d been a misunderstanding. I gathered the celebrity didn’t feel he had he right wardrobe on and had forgotten he’d agreed to let the interview by video taped. Thank goodness the buddy was there to lend him a jacket and smooth the diva feathers. I never had to talk to the star about any of this thanks to his pal saving the day.

The taping went on without a hitch.

Just one of the many little things we deal with everyday….well,maybe not everyday…still it’s this behind the scenes stuff that people never hear about or see. Add all the little things up after a week and that molehill begins to look like a mountain sometimes!

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