Graduation Day

OK Since this is My Blog I am going to digress from just talking about business and share for a minute that I am a proud mama of a graduating senior (see picture below posted after I wrote this blog!
My daughter graduates from high school tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. She made wonderful friends in her 4 years in the marching band and choir (she was in both) and also still has friends from as early as 4th grade that she’s graduating with. She ends her 12 years in school with a 3.33 gpa (in English that means a B).

All in all with her commitment to the church youth group, choral dept. (go Chamber SIngers!) and her volunteer work, she’s been one busy young lady. Tomorrow I will be in the audience watching her and all her friends together one last time, kleenex in hand. Sniff.

I love you honey!

Graduation GRAD AND MOM



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