Grammy Nominations Announced

The Grammy nominations were announced last night.  grammylogo

On CBS on January 26, 2014, only a handful of awards will be given out. In the real Grammy world, there are actually 82 categories. There used to be 105! Check out the full list at

So most of the awards will be given out before the TV lights ever turn on. Still, I have always enjoyed the show (one of the best on TV because of the amazing musicians who perform every year) and because I worked in the industry for a long time.

Here are some of my thoughts and predictions:

1. No Miley Cyrus. What a diss by the academy. She is the hottest singer out there right now.  Surprised also that Ariana Grande didn’t get a nod as she has quite the voice.

2. No nominations for Justin Beiber, One Direction, Demi Levato: not surprised, are you? Not their year…kind of never.

3. Interesting choices to nominate Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Imagine Dragons.

4. NO SURPRISE that Justin T. and Jay Z have a pack of noms, as well as Taylor Swift (the hit maker) and Robin Thicke.

5. God bless the academy for nominating Dionne Warwick’s album for Pop Traditional. She is in her 50th year in the business.

6. Have I been in a cave? I had no idea David Bowie came to with a new album? Lots of noms and I haven’t a clue about this record.

7. Fantasia still dominates in her categories. Amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with her voice.

8. Macklemore should run away with the RAP categories unless the academy goes all Jay Z on us.


 Hard to predict winners but here goes:

ALBUM OF YEAR: should be Swift’s RED – she sold a billion records people. OK maybe not that many, but still!

SONG OF THE YEAR: Katy Perry’s ROAR ……but if Macklemore makes a sweep it could be his night in a lot of categories.

RECORD OF THE YEAR: I love this category this year: Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Thicke, Bruno Mars, and a surprising  nod to Lorde. My guess is Thicke but I would love to see Imagine Dragons or Daft Punk win. They are in other categories too so the academy may spread the wealth.

NEW ARTIST: Ed Sheeran  (unless Macklemore has a sweep)

Lee Brice HAS to win for best country song with “I Drive Your Truck”!


That’s it for now.








6 Replies to “Grammy Nominations Announced”

  1. TO add….Justin T and Jay Z are up against Macklemore alot so it will be a night to see who tips the scales. Even their producers are up for Producer of the Year.

    Katy Perry got a few nods so she could win in one category and not the other. That happens frequently.

    I’m not sure this is Bruno Mars’ year. He did get some nods but not certain he will pull it off.

    Forgot to mention Kendrick Lamar has some nice nods also and I will predict right here and now that CYNDI LAUPER takes home the Grammy for writing KINKY BOOTS for Broadway.

  2. Yeah i agree macklemore and ryan lewis will probably take over which is fine with me. every year has a different group of winners that seem to sweep it. remember the year allsion kraus won everything? that was a big surprise to everyone i think!

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