Grammys Winners: My Thoughts

My diva thoughts about the show tonight (in order of appearance) (have any thoughts, please comment!):

Too many commercials. Ugh.

The Taylor Swift opening was cute, but too long. I bet she gets slammed in the press tomorrow. Remember the Beach Blanket Babylon/Rob Lowe/Snow White fiasco? It was a bit of a flash back to that opening in 1989. Not.good.folks. Google it if you’re too young to remember that opening. Oy.

Love Host LL Cool J! He had to handle Whitney Houston’s untimely passing last year under a lot of pressure. Props again to him tonight. It’s a thankless job.

Elton John still has it in spades. Hunter Hayes is a cutie.

Adele! Of course she won for Pop Solo Artist (sorry Kelly Clarkson). DUH!

Fun. are…well, FUN!

What the hell was John Mayer wearing? Blue velvet? Was he on his way to someone’s high school (1955) prom?

Miranda Lambert.  I like her voice but she was looking a but chunky. The crosses on her dress were not in the best places to help her figure look slimming.Who is dressing this gal. Dierks Bentley is usually interesting, but I found his duet with Miranda just plain boring. Zzzzz.

Best Country Solo Artist, no surprise: Carrie Underwood. Amazingly she is only 29. I loved that black lace dress she was wearing, also, with a tinge of pink crinoline. Very classy.

Faith Hill: Honey, eat something. Wow she was thin. Tim McGraw, on the other hand,  was looking mighty fine.

Song of the Year: We Are Young (by f.u.n.) won! Wow! I was sure Stronger by Kelly Clarkson was going to win this one.

Johnny Depp. Swoon. Mumford and Sons. Love these guys.

Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce were cute together introducing Justin Timberlake. Jay Z on stage now? Ok then! Well that was too short. More Jay Z please! I’ve always liked Justin well enough but this medley is making me miss Bruno Mars. He would do it sooooo much better.

Urban Contemporary Album (new category) : Channel Orange by Frank Ocean! Whoo hoo! I was hoping he would win a few Grammys!

Rock Performance: Black Keys for Lonely Boy! Hmmm could this start a sweep? We shall see.

Maroon 5! I’ve loved these guys forever! Songs for Jane is their best album hands down (from forever ago).  Alicia Keys. Girl on Fire is a fabulous song and what a surprise to see her play the drums as she is usually behind a piano. Alicia darling. It’s obvious you have lost a lot of weight. Looking great, BUT I hated the cutouts on your dress. JMHO

Pop Vocal Album: YES! I predicted Kelly Clarkson would win for Best Song, but Pop album (Stronger) is terrific!

Rhianna just turned 30 last month. I thought she looked grown up maybe for the very first time. Simple long black dress. Serious song. Still, she needs auto tuning. Sorry Rhi.

If you think I’m being hard on the singers, remember I sang live for a living and worked in the music biz for a long time. Some people can sing live and some can’t. It’s that simple. Rhianna is no Christina Aguilera.

Rap Duo Song: No Church in the Wild: Jay Z & Frank Ocean. Way to go again Frank!

Lifetime Achievement Awards went to: Glenn Gould, Charlie Haden, Lighting Hopkins, Carole King, Patti Page, Ravi Shankar, and the Temptations (not shown on TV — they used to be show back in the day.)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Black Keys/Dr John. Cool collaboration. Best #1 of two best performance of the night!

Kelly Clarkson sang a lovely tribute to Patti Page and Carole King.

Country Album: Of course, Zac Brown Band. Lots of folks were rooting for Hunter. He’s young, got lots of time.

Commercial break…, want to attend the Grammys? Fork out $5,000 and you MIGHT get a decent seat…maybe.

Bob Marley tribute: Bruno Mars and Sting! Best #2 of the best tonight.  The audience was loving this and singing along. Gosh I miss Sting’s voice! Rhi and Ziggy.  (I LOL-ed when the camera panned to Adele and she’s dancing with everyone else but didn’t miss a minute chewing her gum in rhythm).

I don’t get the Lumineers. I know they are the big thing right now.  They made Jack White sound amazing. Just saying. And not everyone likes Jack White. Different strokes for different folks.  That’s the music business.

Best New Artist is always an interesting category: Fun. (I was rooting for Frank Ocean).

Carrie Underwood doing what she does. No doubt she is talented. Didn’t get the dress being drawn on and all the lights and all of that. Just let the girl sing.

Prince! Wish he had sung. Anyway he gave away Record of the Year: Somebody that I Used to Know by Goyte. Upset of the night.

So they could’ve ended right then, don’t you think?

Ryan Seacrest? Why? More Chick Corea instead! I like the Music Educator Award idea. Niiiiiiice.

The In Memoriam is always so sad. Wow, the actual inventor of the vinyl record died this year. End of an era.

Tribute to Levon and Sandy Hook Elementary School by Elton John and others. (Mavis, T Bone, Brittany Howard, Mumford).

Oh, and I meant to mention Katy Perry. She cracked me up when she said I never was nominated for Best New Artist and I have my own eyelash line. You rock girl.

Oh dear. I know this is supposed to be a tribute to Elton but so strange to hear someone cover it on the Grammys. Just feels odd.

FRANK OCEAN!!! Can you tell I like this guy?

ADELE! Album of the Year:  Babel by Mumford and Sons.


Okay, so thoughts??? It went on too long. Was a bit jumbled. Didn’t seem to have a theme. I have watched EVERY GRAMMY show but ONE. This wasn’t one for the record books with regards to flow and theme and quality.

That said: So happy for Frank Ocean, nice that the top awards were split (Record/Album/Song often all go to the same person)  and off camera were these winners: Skrillex, Jay Z (too many to count anymore), Pat Metheny, BEST MUSICAL THEATER ALBUM: Once (I called this one!).

























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  1. Love Adele’s voice but what was that dress? Go back to black!
    Yeah I agree with most of what you said.
    I always like the performances. Fun. was cool and the Bob Marley bit was really cool too.
    Didn;t like the ending though (and I like LL Cool J). Seemed a stupid ending.

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