Happy almost February

HI all.

Still reeling from the Obama inaguration, Wayne Dyer’s movie premier and my trip to New York. Whew.

Can not believe it will be February in just over 24 hours. Why is 2009 going by so fast?

Took off work today as I had an “issue” with my left eye. Basically, couldn’t see out of the darn thing! Took myself to the eye doctor (by the way, he is adorable and newly single – ahem) and it appears I suffered yesterday from a migraine. He had a fancy term for it, but that’s what it was. So the verdict? Deal with it. Stuff happens. No biggie….yet.Ah well. So it was 79 degrees and sunny today, and one eye was dilated and the other one wasn’t, so I “dealt with it” by sitting outside on my patio and enjoyed the weather and waited to get my vision back.

It was lovely. Thank goodness the boss lady was on her way to her weekend home and was fine with my absence.

Life is good.

Party on!

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