Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt was never a diva in my book. She’s one heck of a singer (“Blue Bajou”, “It’s So Easy”, “Poor Pitiful Me”, “Desperado” anyone?) and considered the most successful musician of the 1970s. I love her!  But how the heck did she get to be 64 years young? Wow. Time flies.

Another reaon I love this gal: “In August 2009, Ronstadt, in a well publicized interview to PlanetOut Inc. titled Linda Ronstadt’s Gay Mission, championed gay rights, same sex marriage and stated that “homophobia is anti-family values. Period, end of story.’ — Wiki

Happy Birthday my dear!

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt”

  1. Simply put,,,,Linda Ronstadt did it all and still performing . The very best role model for everyone in my opinion.
    She is still one of the most gorgeous women on earth with a voice that would cause angels to fight over.


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