Happy Friday

Hi there. I have no good reason for not blogging for a week.

So what did I do this past week? Let’s see. Went to a meeting of the Assn of Celebrity Personal Assistants in Beverly Hills. I forgot how pretty Rodeo Drive is at night during the holidays. It was all decked out. The lights at night are magical. Saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while. It was nice to catch up. Everyone brought toys for the Toys for Tots drive. Loved the Marines all dressed up and looking handsome who gratefully accepted our gifts. And we took hope goodies bags too. Fun night.Started taking group yoga class again on Saturday, after a year of intense private lessons to help repair this body from the shock of hip surgery. Felt good to be able to keep up with the class for the majority of the time. No sleeping in on the weekends though. Bummer.

Work has been low key since Louise Hay was out of town in NYC for work related appearances. Now she is home to stay until the new year. We’ve been wrapping gifts and making lists. Fun time of year for me.

Oh and all my personal cards have been addressed, stamped and ready to mail for a month…I know, I’m one of THOSE people!

Went shopping day after thanksgiving (today) with my daughter for random stuff. Mittens. Hat. Thermal shirts. We wil be in NYC for Christmas so we shopped for ourselves today! Did you know it’s cheaper to get men’s clothes? We got great thermal shirts for 9.99 and pjs for 10.00 whereas the women’s section would’ve charged double for that!

Anyway, back to work Monday. I have a couple of mystery bloggers who promised me new entries before year’s end, so stay tuned!!!


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