Happy Hump Day

All day today I thought it was Tuesday.

Just felt like sharing that.

Tomorow is the world premier of Wayne Dyer’s new movie, AMBITION TO MEANING. My employer has a small part in the movie so we are off to Hollywood tomorrow night for the showing at the Egyptian theatre. I haven’t been to that theatre in years. It should be a fun night. Glad I’m not the celebrity because I don’t have a darn thing to wear and no one will be looking at me anyway!

I’ve already seen a rough cut of the film, so I know what to expect. One of my favorite parts is where a band plays and sings for a wedding reception, Funny guys and fun music.Interested to know more? Go to www.ambitiontomeaning.com.

We will be in the red carpet so will report on Friday how it went.

PS  Mrs Ellen Degeneres is in the movie so maybe Ellen will be there tommorrow.

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