Happy Monday

Hello all. It’s Monday in Diva land….

Nothing much to report. Although we did get a request to submit a 500 word essay on how Louise Hay’s life has been transformed since starting on the path years ago to become a world renown author and teacher. This is for a fan’s website.

Excuse me?I don’t think Louise is going to drop everything every time a fan asks for something! As appreciative and heartfelt the fan is, this is not what a diva does with her spare time! Volumes have been written about Miss Hay and her life, and she wrote about her journey in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” so I emailed them back and gave them permission to use an excerpt from her book on their site.

This request just tickled me. I don’t think fans realize that their one request is just another in many, and if they were printed out and piled one on top of the other, we’d need to raise the ceiling in my office!

Now celebrities who ask their fans to do something for them are smart to turn the tables. Clay Aiken is reprising his starring role on Broadway as Sir Robin in Spamalot this weekend (begins a four month run) and he’s asked his fans to write his bio for the Playbill. Now that’s being smart!

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