Someone asked me the other day what do you need to become a personal assistant and, I confess, I had to think for a moment. The obvious response would be to say “a strong constitution and the ability to work under pressure”. And that’s what most would expect you to say. But the real question is this: what does the job actually entail? On the one hand, everyone thinks it would either be very cool or a total nightmare to work for a celebrity. On the other, few really know what the job is all about.

Going through some old files, I found a list. See if any of these “tasks” make sense to you:

– Liaison between various entities
– Articulate
– Tactful, diplomatic, pleasant
– Ability to maintain professionalism (close yet certain formality and distance)
– Ability to manage many things at same time
– Extremely organized
– Photographic memory helps
– Knowledge of emergency procedures
– Work under pressure
– Good time management
– Ability to think on your feet with good judgment
– Knowledge of the industry and key players in your boss’ field of discipline
– Flexibility and adaptability
– Non-judgmental
– Ability to anticipate needs and plan ahead
– Ability to pace yourself
– Even tempered
– Self starter- Computer literate with excellent research ability
– Good writing skills
– Good personal health
– Good overall office skills
– Good phone skills
– Ability to take dictation or fast notes
– Patience
– Resourcefulness

If you work in a Residence: Anything and everything which happens in the home can be your responsibility.
1. Working alone
2. Management of Household staff and contractors
3. Pets
4. Children
5. Cook
6. Maid

If you work in an office (Production Company, Studio Office or Office Away From Home).
1. More structured hours (except when on location)
2. Office staff
3. Different dress
4. More specialized
5. Less personal work
6. Interaction with production people

Working on the road:

1. Security
2. Travel
3. Accommodations
4. Public
5. Crowd Control
6. Scheduling/Itinerary
7. Liaison in each city/location

And all of that above includes dealing with the press, the public, the family, celebrity friends, the staff and generally understanding that you must be tactful and respectful at all times.

Did I miss anything? Whew.


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