Holiday Party

Had a great time tonight at the Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu. Hanging out with fellow celebrity personal assistants for our annual holiday party. Saw many friends and made a few new ones. I soooo wish I could tell you who was there but mum’s the word.

Okay, one thing I can say is that the sexiest man alive has a terrific bodyguard.

6 Replies to “Holiday Party”

  1. How can I become a bodyguard to the sexiest man alive? LOL OK maybe that job isn;t open but how about a personal assistant?

  2. Hi Cupcakegurl:
    Read my book! Ha! Better yet, read Miss Know It All – she’s under categories at the top of the page and answers a lot of your questions. Have you signed up for my free E-Zine, DIVA NEWS? That has answers each month also. Thanks for commenting!

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