Hollywood Book Festival Follow-up

Today I was a part of the Hollywood Book Festival held at The Grove in Los Angeles. It was an interesting day. The Greater Los Angeles Area Writers Society had a booth, and since I’m a member I was invited to bring my wares and set up for a few hours.

As you can see from the photo below, the throngs were out in full force to greet me and to get my autograph. Oh! BTW my new “alias” is now IPHONE.
Hollywood Book Festival Okay so they weren’t waiting for me. But it wasn’t for not trying to find me. The GLAWS booth was preset by the Festival folks. As you can see below, a huge pillar (on the right hand side of the picture) completely obscured me and my books from view by the public. But this is a nice shot of author Matt Pallamary (who I discovered lives in San Diego county too!). Small world.

GLAWS table

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