I Can Be Counted On

An excerpt from “Dealing With Divas” —

Maybe I’ve been doing my job too long, but I have to tell you that I love it when my boss introduces me to people as her “rock.” The first time she went away on a long trip to Australia, I was left in charge of a huge remodel of her house. We had a new roof and new floors put in her home. The remodel was crazy, and when a gas leak was found in the roof above the kitchen stove two days before she was to return home, I admit I was a bit panicked. But, I was able to call in the proper people to handle the leak and still finish the entire job before she arrived.

You can be trustworthy with little things, too, not just with big projects. I remember one instance, around when my boss bought a home, which was built in the 1940s. Two days after she moved in, it poured so much rain that the roof and a window began to leak (this was before the new roof, mentioned earlier, was installed). The employer’s home was in San Diego, and my home was forty miles north of hers.

I received a call that went something like this: “I have a leak in my roof, and the window in the front entryway,” my boss said to me.

“Okay,” I replied.

“But my neighbor next door has a roofing guy that we can call, and they can come out immediately. At least he can cover the roof to prevent the leak getting in the house.”

“Great,” I said.

“Here’s the number. His office is amazingly only about one mile from my house!” she exclaimed. Then there was silence for a moment on the phone from my end.

I spoke again. “Um? Okay. I will call him,” I said. I called the roofer, who showed up at her house promptly—within the hour, in fact. My question later was, why did I have to call the guy who was one mile from her house when she could’ve done it herself? That was just one of those “diva moments.” But the moral of the story is, it did me no harm to handle such a small task for her. In fact, it made her trust me even more. Going the extra mile absolutely helps form a trust-based relationship.


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