Interesting Diva Sites

I like to introduce you to various “Diva” websites that I find divaphoneinteresting. Here are a few to explore:

The time has arrived for a DIVA phone! It’s here! Check out the Samsung Diva – but wear sunglasses cause the bling might blind you!

Check out Fabulous Divas of Broadway. This is a one man show performed by Alan Palmer where he impersonates all your favorite gals with great aplomb.

Dog Divas abound at this annual event held in Canada. A neat site to look around, especially if you have a dog diva living at your house!

Victoria Rowell at a fun diva-like photo shoot. Rowell (Young and The Restless) will be coming out with a tell all book in May titled, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva.

National Public Radio will be releasing The New Jazz Divas CD in March, featuring Diana Krall and 12 other remarkable musicians.

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